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Corporate Governance

Basic Views on Corporate Governance

With the mission of “Creating the Future for Medical Healthcare”, the Group develops and provides various Internet services that meet the basic needs of society in the medical healthcare field.

The Group recognizes that strengthening and enhancing corporate governance is an important management issue in order to improve corporate value over the medium to long term. In order to improve the fairness and transparency of management decisions that form the basis of corporate governance, it is necessary to enhance the supervisory function of directors regarding business execution and to establish a prompt and appropriate information disclosure system. We believe that it is indispensable, and we are working on building an internal system in line with it.

As part of this effort, the Group has been reviewing its organizational structure as needed in line with business expansion as a result of corporate growth in order to ensure management efficiency, and is working to establish efficient management and responsibility systems for each organizational unit. In the future, while developing sincere corporate activities that harmonize corporate profits and social responsibility, we will strive to enhance corporate governance with the aim of realizing management that contributes to the profits of shareholders and all other stakeholders and improving corporate value.

Organization Diagram

Corporate Governance Report (English translation)