Our Business

Medley is developing businesses and projects that satisfy the actual needs of society.

We are a company that solves social issues. To this end, we intend to tackle as many essential needs as possible.

Our Company's sales are the sum of the value provided to the customers, and our Company's profits are the sum of the innovations in the process of production. Continuing to face customers and introduce improvements creates a positive cycle where achievements increase. Through our business activities, we continue to aim at resolving greater social issues.

At the same time, we must remember that our business continues to expand because of our current society and that we can only continue to do so if there is a society in the future. This is the reason behind our continuing to search for contributions to society in various ways—not only in business but also in projects, public–private collaborations, and CSR activities—all while taking into account environmental considerations. In particular, we are working to enhance the effectiveness of our technology company by utilizing our ability to solve problems and by cooperating closely with various stakeholders.

Medley’s initiatives