Creating the future of medical healthcare

Medley, Inc. is an internet company established in 2009 with the goal of resolving issues in the field of medical healthcare. The medical healthcare field faces many challenges and resolving them is crucial to ensuring the sustainability of the entire country of Japan.

Social welfare spending by the Japanese government totaled ¥120 trillion in FY2020. Of this, nearly half went to a combination of medical costs (approximately ¥40 trillion) and nursing care costs (roughly ¥12 trillion). In FY2025, medical costs and nursing care costs are projected to reach ¥75 trillion.*

As the population of Japan ages, pressure on the working generation is approaching the breaking point and we must find a way to transform our social welfare system into a sustainable one. However, progress in this area is sorely lacking. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed some of the weaknesses and inflexibilities in our current medical care system.

We view internet technologies as an essential element to the development of solutions to the problems faced in the field of medical healthcare. The adoption of technology in the field of medical healthcare has been delayed because it is a highly regulated industry where the supply-demand balance must be carefully adjusted. This has hampered productivity and placed unnecessary strains on the system. These strains, combined with outdated practices, have resulted in a vicious cycle wherein even greater systemic inflexibility leads to further delays in the uptake of essential technologies.

We developed our mission, “Creating the future of medical and healthcare” in response to the abovementioned assessment of the current state of Japanese medical healthcare, and it is our goal to evolve into a company that can contribute over the long term to the achievement of this mission.

While there are many stakeholders in the field of medical healthcare, one thing we all share is the goal of making a positive contribution to Japanese society. While we face many interconnected challenges, we believe that by focusing on long-term outcomes, we can build a better future for patients, consumers, and companies and employees who are working toward this goal.

Medley will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by continuously developing and delivering a wide range of internet services.

*Based on Ministry of Finance data for April 2021

Medley, Inc.
President and CEOKohei Takiguchi