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Medical care has the power to help our families and friends when they fall ill. However, are there no issues at all with current medical care? There has been a collapse of rural medical care systems because of the unbalanced distribution of healthcare professionals in cities, the skepticism with medical care and lawsuits arising from information gaps between patients and healthcare professionals, and the exhaustion of on-site staff because of the harsh working environments. Major challenges still exist.

Medley is trying to resolve these issues with medical care by leveraging Internet technology. Technology has evolved throughout history, making it easier to realize what was formerly difficult. If we think about it, 10 years from now, there should be a future wherein the issues that exist with current medical care are resolved and the structure of medical care itself is replaced by new ones. Medley believes in this future and is working to "create new medical experiences."

Toward next-generation medical care

Date: JUNE 2019
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