Investor Information


Company information

  • Q. When was the Company established?

    A. On June 5th, 2009.

  • Q. When was the stock listed?

    A. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on December 12th, 2019.

  • Q. When is the regular general meeting of shareholders held?

    A. It is scheduled to be held in every March. See IR calendar for details. For details on the contents of the annual general meeting of shareholders, please see the general meeting of shareholders.

  • Q. Please tell us about your business.

    A. For details of the business, please see the “Our Business” page.

Financial information

  • Q. When does the fiscal year end?

    A. December 31st.

  • Q. When are the financial results announced?

    A. Financial results are announced quarterly. See the IR calendar for the schedule of future earnings announcements.

Stock Information

  • Q. What is the Company’s security code?

    A. 4480. The type of industry is “Information / Communication”.

  • Q. How many shares constitute a trading unit?

    A. The stock trading unit is 100 shares.

  • Q. Is there a special benefit plan for shareholders?

    A. Currently not implemented.

  • Q. Who should I contact for procedures such as name transfer and address change?

    A. For procedures related to stocks, please contact a securities company with a trading account.

  • Q. Where can I contact the IR representative?

    A. For inquiries regarding IR, please click here (form is available only in Japanese).