Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission

Our mission is "Creating the future of medical healthcare," and we are leveraging technology to pursue a variety of businesses and projects toward this end.

The field of medical and healthcare has a highly public nature with many restrictions, and it consists of many complex parts, meaning that there are many different challenges in achieving innovation within the field. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to understand the positions and roles of patients, caregivers and operators at medical institutions and care facilities, governmental and administrative bodies and other parties. It is also vital to have a long-term business outlook.

As an organization that engages in this field within this context, we believe that if everyone respects diversity in all its forms and understands the values and identities of individuals, this approach will ultimately bring benefits to a broad range of stakeholders and will help address challenges.

If we recognize and accept talent from many backgrounds and walks of life, as well as a wide range of work styles, personnel will proactively exchange opinions and proposals, thereby sparking innovation. By providing an inclusive and trusting environment that embraces every single person's values and that lets them foster connections and gain information regardless of their background and labor conditions, we believe that we can help individuals exhibit their unique abilities and achieve success.

At Medley, we understand that diversity and inclusion are vital elements for an organization to continually create innovation while ambitiously incorporating many different values and ideas.

Our approach

Driving efforts to employ and retain a wide range of people

  • Developing systems that accommodate leave and flexible working hour arrangements for childcare, as well as other measures that anyone can utilize to take care of their children
  • Developing systems that accommodate eldercare leave, exempt from overtime, and other measures that allow employees to continue working while caring for their family members
  • Providing support for people with disabilities in ways that suit their individual requirements so that they can carry out tasks comfortably
  • Reinforcing our approach for hiring people from various backgrounds so that we can incorporate a wide range of views and values as we expand overseas

Encouraging our diverse personnel to attain success

  • Fostering an organizational culture while training and appointing managers so that everyone can demonstrate their own strengths regardless of their background or current stage in life
  • Developing content for training and growth for anyone to view and study

Percentage of women across all companies


Percentage of women in managerial roles


Percentage of employees who have returned after taking childcare leave


Percentage of men who took childcare leave


Information as of March 31, 2022
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