Initiatives for employees and diversity

Flexible work arrangements

Medley makes room for flexible work styles by making available to employees systems designed for all stages of their lives including childbirth, childrearing, and nursing care.

Also, in response to rising COVID-19 infection rates, we have created a work environment that takes into account underlying medical conditions and the impact on families living together in order to support a more safe and secure family life.

System to support childrearing

We have created a wide range of systems to create a work environment wherein employees can actively work as they navigate the challenges of childbirth and childrearing. These include systems for prenatal and postnatal leave, childrearing leave, shortened working hours during childrearing, exemptions from overtime work, and child nursing care leave.

System to support nursing care

We have created a wide range of systems to create a work environment wherein employees can continue to work while providing nursing care to family members. These include systems for nursing care leave, shortening of regular work hours, and exemptions from overtime work.

Flexible work hours

We accept employees’ requests for flexible work hours based on situations related to their home environments. Many of our employees make use of this system so that they can assist with housework.

Integration of work-from-home

In order to quickly respond to requests from national and local governments, we have a system in place that allows flexible telecommuting. Of course, this system can be used by employees who, owing to underlying medical conditions, are at high risk of becoming seriously ill from infectious disease or who are living with a family member in a similar situation. By providing a secure work environment and a secure communications system, we enable our employees to work from home safely and comfortably.

Systems that allow employees to work in a healthy environment

Entrance interviews/examinations

Soon after all employees join the company, they are interviewed by an occupational physician and a public health nurse so that any physical or mental changes can be detected and they can actively work in a healthy manner. This builds a strong relationship between employees and these medical professionals, thereby creating an environment where employees do not hesitate to consult with them.

Medical check‐ups

All employees undergo a regular medical exam once a year to identify illnesses at an early stage and increase employees’ awareness regarding health management issues. In addition to health checks required by law, employees can receive gynecological examinations (uterine cervix cancer and breast cancer exams) free of charge. The examination results are confirmed by occupational physicians and public health nurses and the necessary care is provided to employees, referencing the results of entrance interviews/examinations as necessary.

Preventative vaccinations

Employees can receive influenza immunizations at the company once a year free of charge. COVID-19 vaccinations for employees and their family members were also covered by our workplace vaccination program.

Work time management

Employee work hours are monitored using real-time reports generated every day and employees working long hours and their superiors are instructed to improve the situation. Measures are also taken to prevent illness such as adjusting work volume when necessary in consultation with occupational physicians and public health nurses.

Harassment prevention

In order to promote mutual respect among employees and create workplace relationships built on trust, all managers receive harassment prevention training and we have established an internal reporting contact hotline managed by a third party organization to handle related issues.

Internal communication regarding medical information

Occupational physicians and physicians working on our MEDLEY online medical dictionary provide information to employees including on infection prevention and daily self-care.

Establishment of Health and Safety Committee

Members of the Health and Safety Committee include occupational physicians and health managers appointed by the company and employee representatives. The committee conducts in-house inspections, periodic stress checks, and monitoring of employees working long hours.

Measures to ensure continued growth and maximize our performance

Our Essentials

In order to create an organization capable of succeeding over the long term, we have created a list of core principles called “Our Essentials” that we refer to in many situations such as during all types of training, when making hiring decisions, and when evaluating job performance.

New employee training

We have developed a program for new employees so that, upon entering the company, they can learn about Medley’s ideals and our businesses. We also minimize operational risks by conducting information security training and compliance training to impress upon new employees the scale of Medley’s social responsibility and influence.

Training for newly appointed managers

New managers undergo training to make sure that they understand their roles and responsibilities as managers as well as compliance and labor management issues and also to ensure that they have the knowledge and mindset necessary to be effective managers.

Training in basic business skills

We provide training in basic business skills, mainly to younger employees with little work experience, to help them build a foundation of knowledge for future career growth.

Compliance training

In addition to training for new employees, we also conduct training to prevent insider trading and harassment as well as training to deepen employees’ understanding of risk management.

Skill development training

We provide training to help employees develop skills such as document production, business presentation, and logical communication.

Empowerment of women

Medley recognizes the connection between empowerment of women and the sustainable growth of our company. From the perspective of reflecting diverse values in management strategies, we believe it is necessary to ensure diversity among directors and promote appointment of female directors.

Also, in order to support women during life stages that can be challenging in terms of their careers, we have established systems that promote good work-life balance and we are also steadily increasing the number of female managers in the company.

The Board of Directors monitors the utilization of diverse human resources, including the recruitment, training, and appointment of female managers.

Employment of people with disabilities

Medley proactively hires people with disabilities and provides them with a work environment that allows them to thrive. For example, under certain conditions, people with disabilities are able to exclusively work from home. By providing a safe communications environment, we support people with disabilities by helping them work comfortably and achieve high job performance. This has allowed our employees with disabilities to succeed in their jobs and we will continue to respect diversity and provide a work environment wherein everyone can achieve excellent job performance.

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